The Many Benefits of Public Speaking Skills for Nurses

Individuals who want to become nurses generally consider themselves “people persons,” since most jobs in this profession involve a great deal of contact with patients. They may not realize, however, that they can advance their career by having confidence in public speaking and a talent for giving presentations. Once they gain some work experience, it’s time to register for a presentation skills seminar so they can hone their ability to share knowledge with other workers and even with the general public. Nurses have a keen advantage in their work experience with a broad range of population groups. They often are able to relate to many diverse groups of people and have an array of relevant, anonymous anecdotes they can share.

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Nurses often are in demand for giving talks to community members about issues such as vaccinations and specific strategies for maintaining excellent health. In the organization they work for, experienced nurses may be asked to give presentations to new employees. If somebody is too frightened about public speaking, he or she may decline these opportunities. Fear can make a person less effective when speaking as well. By participating in public speaking courses, these individuals gain valuable insights and the chance to practice in front of training professionals and empathetic groups. The groups are comprised of other people who have signed up for the workshop and who deal with the same anxiety and fearfulness.

Seminars provided by companies such as Effective Presentations can help nurses make dramatic improvements in their level of anxiety about public speaking, and their confidence and skills for the activity. It’s normal to have at least some nervousness about speaking in front of a group or making a presentation, but feeling fearful about this activity can be detrimental. By participating in a course and getting some practice, nurses learn to enjoy speaking to an audience. They’ll also learn how to use audiovisual technology in helpful ways. That means having graphics and other displays as enhancements to the presentation, not turning them into the entire presentation. The person who previously was afraid of doing so now actually finds it fun and looks forward to opportunities.

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